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For me, the Holy Spirit's invitation was not just an invitation to experience a new, bold, and loving relationship with Christ, He was also inviting me to A.C.T. (Adoration, Charity, and Trust).

Adoration means to love God with all my heart, mind, soul, and body as Jesus instructed in Mark 12:30.

Charity means to love, know, and serve God by loving, knowing, and serving my neighbors.

Trust means exactly that. Trust God completely in all things, especially when life isn't making any sense because, in the grand scheme of life, the only one who has absolute control is the Father Creator. He has been doing life and creation for centuries. He knows what He is doing!

Most of what I speak, podcast, or blog about covers three main areas: faith, business, and life. The shows are targeted toward fence-sitting, marginalized, fallen away, 'there is no place for me at the table' Baby Boomer Roman Catholics.

WE are not a perfect lot. WE may not be (yet) where God wants us to be, but eventually, with an open heart and trust in a Creator who truly does love us, WE will get where HE wants us to be -- only if WE want it.


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