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"All you need is love and a cup of coffee!"

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"Actually, what we need is Jesus and a cup of coffee! "


Hi, I started this gig in 2016, as No Pants Charlie. Although that was a fun show, I felt a new direction was in order. In 2017, I changed the name and format of the show based on one of my NPC characters to The Talking Mexi-CAN!  The goal was to emphasize the word "can" as in, "We CAN do this!". To my surprise, TMC was well received by the listeners, however, being concerned about possibly offending any of my fellow Hispanics, I decided another rebranding was in order. In 2019, following the death of my mother, I changed the name and format of the show to Coffee Break with Carlos Michael, hence the fixation on all things coffee -- well, God and neighbor through coffee!

We operate completely on the generosity of our listeners and generous benefactors. Our goal is to raise enough funds to turn this mission of service into a 501c3 non-profit gig (or ministry as some Coffee Breakers prefer to call it) and to procure a location that will serve as an office and studio.

Our mission is to bring Jesus to our neighbors one cup at a time while encouraging good neighbor-to-neighbor relationships. We like to think of ourselves as farmers who sow the seeds and let God in accordance with His Will. 


Also, when we see a need, if we can, we help fill that need. (Credit to Fr. Michael Schmitz). Our vision is to live in a world that thinks less of itself and more about its neighbors.


God first. Neighbor Second. Self third.

That can only happen through your support and generosity. If you would like to help us out, you can do so by buying us a cup of coffee. Each coffee is $5 per cup. Each cup of coffee you purchase will assist in helping us to reach our goal of living in a world where the world cares less about itself and more about the neighbors living in it.


Please click here to purchase a cup of coffee. Let's change the number of supporters from two to one million or more. "Let's Coffee Break!"


Thank you and God Bless,

Carlos Michael Padilla,

Proprietor, Barista Extraordinaire, and Concierge of Service

Let’s Work Together

Carlos Michael Communications Media

Tulsa, OK 74146-3202

Tel: 918-280-8920

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