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2 4 6 8 FRIDAY

Nostalgic • Opinionated • Entertaining

The Coffee Breaker's Podcast


Welcome to

Serving up a fiesta of a good time!

Welcome to "the best virtual cantina in America!" or what Carlos likes to call, "Cafe Guacamole!" -- the official home of 2 4 6 8 Friday: The Coffee Breakers Podcast!


Our menu contains a variety of topics we believe will encourage our guests [and friends] to live, laugh, and love in the true spirit and tradition that is Carlos Michael Padilla.

The mission of 2 4 6 8 Friday is to create content for listeners that is nostalgic, opinionated, and entertaining.

We like to think of ourselves as a platform that cooperates with God's grace, planting seeds that motivate, educate, empower, and entertain. 

This podcast, which airs every Friday on YouTube and Spotify, will look  back on the good old days while looking forward to the promise of tomorrow. "Yes, dear listeners, the sun will rise again tomorrow--at least for the foreseeable future."

Whatever is on Carlos Michael's mind with respect to yesterday and today, He will discuss or write about it right here on 2 4 6 8 Friday the podcast and newsletter. 

"Let's Taco About It!"

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Invite Carlos Michael to speak at your next event or book a one hour "live" Zoom[tina] at the best virtual Cantina in America with Carlos. A minimum of 10 guests per "live" session is required for a Zoom[tina]. Write us for more information.

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