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Our mission as servants of Christ through His Church, is to empower marginalized, fallen-away, fence sitting Roman Catholics who are sinners just as we are, to find the courage to believe in the message despite said sinfulness that they can come home again. There is a place for them at the Lord’s table.

I am convinced, despite how it appears in today’s culture and the “less than” numbers in the pews, that those peripheral Catholics who are sitting on the outside looking in are just one hug, smile, invitation, friendship, and confession away from coming home.

While it is true that Jesus came to save us all, it is clearly evident from reading the Gospels, that His greatest compassion, love, mercy, and forgiveness is for those oft judged, broken, fallen through the crack prodigal sons and daughters who believe their sins are greater than His mercy and therefore, there can be no place for them at His table.

I am here to tell you this, "That is a lie!"

There is a place at the Lord’s table for you. You can come home again. You just have to find the courage to see the light above the open door “His light is always on and the door, always open,” and walk in. Not all may welcome you. That’s okay. Pray for them and leave them to the Lord. He will sort them out later.


Just come home and be the ordinary who does the extraordinary.


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If you know someone ordinary doing extraordinary things for their neighbors, we would like to hear their story.

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