¿Qué fue más doloroso, el verbal o el físico?

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"Which was more painful, the verbal or the physical?"


In 1970, at the age of nine years old, two statements were made to me that would affect my life for many years. The first was made by a family member. The second by a stranger.  Although not quite the beginning and certainly not the end, it would be the moment that defined my life journey, however not necessarily the character of the individual nor the faith and love I carried within for God and neighbor. The real test was in trying to love myself.

Coming soon: Heroes and the Boogie Man!

HBM is not a "Boo Hoo", woe is me, feel sorry for me presentation about me. It just happens to be my story. It is, however, a presentation about experiencing the healing power, love, and mercy of God through everyday life journey experiences and the role family, friends, strangers, and the Church play in the unfolding of that story.. This is a story about redemption. It is about seeing the light on and the door open and finding the courage to accept His invitation to walk through that door and break bread with Him at His table.

Yes! You can come home again. There is a place for you (and me) at the Lord's table.

My mission is to know, love, and serve God, by knowing, loving, and serving my neighbors.

My vision is to see a world that cares less about itself and more about the neighbors living in it. "You see a need and you fill it!" (--Fr. Michael Schmitz).

Always in God's love to which I add my own,


Carlos Michael Padilla

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