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Dry Roses and Diary


In 2014, after being laid off from his dream job, second only to his brief stint at Anaheim, Disneyland, Carlos became aware of the following: "Life isn't about me, but about He who created me and the neighbors that I share my corner of the world with."


In 2023, Carlos received this second moment of awareness: "Give back to God what was never mine to begin with." And thirdly,

"Not all heroes wear capes. Some are just ordinary neighbors doing extraordinary acts of service in the spirit of love."

At Carlos Michael Communications Media, our mission is God First, neighbor second, and self, third. Our vision is to live in a world that thinks less of itself and more of its neighbor. Our method is prayer and action. Our platform is Social Media and the Bowtie Good Neighbor Hero Awards.

Carlos wants to spend the remainder of his life giving back to God what rightfully belongs to God in the service of his neighbors.


"I am in the final trimester of my life journey. What an adventure this has been. In the course of that journey, I have been blessed with certain experiences or skills that were always meant to be shared (with my neighbors) and not kept to myself. And who is my neighbor? EVERYONE is my neighbor beginning with my first neighbors at home, my family. I am not seeking fame, notoriety, or wealth. I am a sinful man with a sinful past who by the grace, love, and mercy of God hopes to be with God in eternity knowing that in the end, it was not I but by the grace of God that I was able to fight the good fight in the service of God and neighbor."


--Carlos Michael Padilla 

Image by Zac Durant

God First.

Image by Nick Fewings

Neighbor Second.

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Self Third.

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