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Heroes and the Boogie Man!

This "live" event will be scheduled soon.

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Everyone has a story. Some are more tragic than others. Others with not so much a fairy tale ending, but better than most. Then there are those whom Carlos likes to call the "in-betweens!" Not necessarily tragic nor a fairy tale ending, just a series of fortunate or unfortunate events during the course of one's life journey with a cast of characters who definitely aren't or weren't ready for prime-time, with an ending Carlos believes is the reason these events occur or occurred, to begin with, which is crazy but sensible at the same time, which ultimately leads us in one of two directions -- toward or away from God. 

Heroes and the Boogie Man is not necessarily a presentation of why [did this happen] inasmuch as it is a presentation about the power of love, forgiveness, and gratitude; mercy, charity, and humility.

Any type of abuse is wrong and should never happen. In a perfect world, this would be true. The problem with that statement is that we do not live in a perfect world--at least not yet!

It is how we choose to respond to an event or series of events that make a difference in life.

Heroes and the Boogie Man. Coming soon.

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